Small Hand Painted Wall Scrolls

Hand painted Chinese wall scrolls beautifully decorated with colourful oriental landscape scenery and traditional Chinese calligraphy symbols. The watercolour paintings are mounted into a silk brocade hanging wall scroll supported with wooden oriental style rollers.

Our range of small Chinese wall scrolls includes red and gold velveteen Du-Lian pictures for celebrating Chinese new year and other important festival dates.

Chinese tiger wall scroll with painted calligraphy symbols,

Chinese calligraphy scroll with tiger symbols £9.95

Chinese wall scrolls with painted mountain waterfalls,

Chinese wall scrolls with mountain waterfalls £9.95

Chinese landscape paintings in a silk brocade wall scroll,

Chinese wall scrolls with landscape scenery £9.95

Chinese wall scroll with bamboo trees under moonlight,

Chinese wall scrolls with bamboo in moonlight £9.95

Chinese calligraphy wall scrolls with Qi symbols,

Chinese calligraphy scroll with Qi symbols £9.95

Chinese calligraphy scroll with painted longevity symbols,

Chinese calligraphy scroll with longevity symbols £9.95