Silk Brocade Phone Pouches

Chinese style phone pouches beautifully decorated with colourful oriental patterns. The attractive Chinese pouches will hold most mobile phone sizes, and are also perfect for holding your money, jewellery or other small valuables.

The silk brocade pouches can be carried using the attached carrying strap.

Silk mobile phone pouch with a decorative Chinese tassel,

Chinese style phone pouch with oriental symbols £2.25

Chinese phone pouches with colourful silk brocade floral patterns,

Black Chinese phone pouches with floral patterns £2.25

Gold Chinese style phone pouches with oriental floral patterns,

Gold Chinese phone pouch with oriental floral patterns £2.25

Silk brocade mobile phone pouches with Chinese floral patterns,

Chinese style mobile phone pouch with floral patterns £2.25

Chinese style mobile phone pouches with decorative lucky tassels,

Chinese style phone pouch with a lucky knotted tassel £2.25

Chinese style phone pouch adorned with cranes and pine trees,

Chinese phone pouch with cranes and pines £2.25

Silk Chinese phone pouch with a black knotted tassel,

Black Chinese phone pouch with a lucky tassel £2.25