Assorted Sale Items

Chinese fashion accessories and oriental giftware on sale and special offer. These products are reduced to clear and include ex-display items, but are mainly end of line, and last one in stock products.

The products on these sale and special offer pages come mainly from our Chinese feng shui, home furnishings, and oriental fashion accessory pages.

Chinese lucky flower knot charm with a jade pig,

Chinese flower knot with a jade zodiac pig

Chinese jade charm symbolising the year of the pig mounted on a Chinese flower knot. Made using Chinese green jade the lucky charm will bring you luck in life. The small polished jade beads add a decorative finishing touch.The pig is one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, and symbolises good fortune, and prosperous times.Length: Approximately 11cm

Chinese lucky charms with a faux ivory buddha's hand,

Chinese lucky charm with faux ivory Buddha's hand

Lucky Chinese flower knot charms with the fruit of Buddha. The hand made flower knots have small beads attached, and the Buddha fruit itself is made from faux ivory.The Citron is a yellow coloured fruit, and is known as "Buddha's hand" due to the unique shape of it's tendrils. The Chinese believe that this auspicious fruit is symbolic of a long and a happy life.Length: Approximately 14cm

Lucky Chinese jade charms with rabbits and gold ingots,

Lucky Chinese jade charms with rabbits and ingots

Chinese lucky charms with jade ingots and beads. Symbolising the year of the rabbit, the hand made Chinese lucky charms have a small jade ingot, coloured jade beads, and two lucky jade rabbits.The lucky charm can attract good fortune and prosperity. One of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, rabbits are symbols of longevity.Approximate length: 17cm

Chinese jade lucky charms with longevity symbols,

Chinese lucky charms with a jade pig and beads

Jade Chinese lucky charm symbolising the year of the pig. Hand made, this Chinese jade charm has a jade ingot, small jade beads, and a carved pig.Representing wealth luck and prosperity, this lucky jade charm symbolises a long and healthy life.Total Length: Approximately 13cm

Cotton Chinese wall art with oriental symbols,

Chinese wall art with feng shui yin yang symbols

Attractive Chinese wall art made from 100% cotton, and decorated with yin and yang symbols. The cotton wall hangings are hand printed using strong and vibrant colours.The wall art is decorated with multiple feng shui yin and yang symbols. The symbols are adorned with small hand stitched gold sequins.Approximate size: 100cm x 70cmWash in cold water using a chlorine free detergent, and dry flat