Miscellaneous feng shui

Assorted miscellaneous feng shui products including waving lucky Chinese cats, feng shui figurines, bagua mirrors, chiming health balls, and much more. A great selection of products to decorate the home or office, and a great range of unusual gift items.

Wooden Bagua mirrors to protect your home and business,

Wooden concave bagua mirror (10cm)

Bagua mirrors are important feng shui tools. The concave bagua mirrors are decorated with traditional protection symbols. Concave mirrors curve inwards, and their purpose is to absorb and neutralise negative energy.A concave mirror exerts particularly strong energy to deflect harmful and negative forces away from a home or business. Place your concave bagua mirror above a door on the outside of your home or business, and attract good or positive energy.

Chinese Pixiu keyrings  for protection and wealth creation,

Wooden Chinese Pixiu key rings

Chinese Pixiu key rings made from natural peach fruit wood. Beautifully detailed, this wooden Pixiu key ring is a perfect personal feng shui tool to carry with you wherever you go. The Pixiu is a mythical creature regarded as a very powerful protection symbol that can attract great wealth.Material: Peach fruit woodPixiu size: Approximately 4cm x 2.5cmTotal key ring length: Approximately 12cm25mm diameter zinc plated metal ring

Chinese health balls decorated with oriental patterns,

Chinese health balls with oriental symbols

Assorted Chinese health balls decorated with traditional oriental patterns and symbols. The health balls will chime when used correctly, and come with a presentation box.Part of Chinese medicine for more than 600 years it is said that rotating the health balls around each other on the palm of your hand stimulates acupressure points that help the flow of Chi.We will send you a selection of different health balls with your order.Selection of different coloursDecorative oriental patterns"Chiming" health ballsAttractive presentation box

Gold Chinese waving cats to bring luck and good fortune,

Chinese lucky waving cats 17cm high

Gold Chinese waving cats decorated with attractive bright colours. The gold colour represents wealth and prosperity, and a beckoning cat placed in the home or business will bring money and fortune to it's owner.Also known as welcoming cats, or money cats they are important feng shui protection symbols. These left handed waving cats make an attractive gift, or an unusual and unique display item.Size: Approximately 17cm highPower supply: AA size batteries (not included)Left hand waverPrice is for a single waving catPlease note: The battery compartment does not have a cover, and is designed to be open in this way.

Feng shui figurine with business success symbolism,

Chinese feng shui figure for business success

Feng shui figurine of an elderly scholar sat at his desk with a traditional Chinese abacus. The feng shui figurine is made from a glossy red resin, and is an attractive ornamental piece. There are gold ingots on the desk, which is adorned with good fortune and longevity symbols.The statue should be placed in the east of your home or office feng shui sector, to attract wealth and business success.Size: Approximately 115mm high