Cosmetic cases and toiletry bags

Chinese style cosmetic cases and toiletry bags beautifully decorated with colourful oriental patterns.

Made using high quality materials including soft damask and silk brocade fabrics, the oriental make-up cases and toiletry bags are attractive Chinese fashion accessories.

Green and gold silk brocade Chinese style toiletry bags,

Chinese style silk brocade toiletry bags £4.95

Chinese silk make-up cases and toiletry bags,

Chinese style make-up cases and toiletry bags £4.95

Red Chinese cosmetic bags with turquoise floral patterns,

Red and turquoise Chinese style cosmetic cases £4.95

Chinese style cosmetic cases with silk brocade floral patterns,

Chinese style cosmetic bags with oriental floral patterns £4.95

Red Chinese toiletry bags with black silk brocade floral patterns,

Red and black Chinese style toiletry bags £4.95