Chinese bags, purses and pouches

Chinese bags, purses and pouches decorated with traditional oriental patterns. Made from a range of vibrant, and colourful fabrics including Chinese silk, silk brocade, cotton, soft damask and others, your customers will love these high quality, attractive oriental fashion accessories.

Our extensive range includes silk brocade hand bags in a range of colours and sizes, phone pouches, jewellery pouches, Chinese coin purses, embroidered purses, and more.

Small Chinese purse with silk brocade floral patterns,

Small silk brocade Chinese coin purses (10cm x 8cm) £0.40

Chinese silk jewellery pouches with oriental patterns,

Chinese style jewellery pouches £0.85

Chinese silk purses with colourful oriental patterns,

Assorted Chinese purses with oriental patterns £0.85

Chinese silk coin purse with a lucky Chinese knot,

Assorted Chinese purses with coin tassles £1.20

Chinese keyrings with a zipped silk brocade pouch,

Chinese style key rings with a silk brocade pouch £1.65

Chinese silk phone pouch with colourful oriental patterns,

Chinese silk brocade phone pouch with oriental patterns £2.49

Gold Chinese silk bags with dragon and phoenix patterns,

Gold Chinese bag with silk brocade dragon pattern £2.95

Black Chinese purse with colourful floral patterns,

Black embroidered Chinese style purses £2.95

Green Chinese handbags with gold floral patterns,

Chinese handbag with gold oriental floral patterns £2.95

Pink Chinese handbags with colourful floral patterns,

Pink Chinese style handbag with floral patterns £4.50