Chinese pyjamas and nightgowns

Men's, ladies, and unisex Chinese style pyjamas, dressing gowns, and oriental sleepwear. Our Chinese pyjamas and oriental style sleepwear is available in a range of UK sizes, colours, and patterns.

The Chinese pyjamas and gowns are beautifully decorated with traditional symbols and colourful oriental patterns. The Chinese pyjama suits are available in all sizes up to UK XXXL. The ladies gowns come in a full range of UK sizes and colours, and are beautifully decorated with peacocks and peonies.

Pink Chinese gown with colourful oriental patterns,

Ladies Chinese style gown with Peacocks £7.95

Chinese style nightgown with colourful oriental flowers,

Ladies Chinese style gown with Peony flowers £7.95

Blue Chinese gown with red and pink peony flowers,

Ladies Chinese nightgowns with Peony flowers £7.95