Chinese Jade Jewellery

Chinese jade jewellery including jade Buddha pendants and necklaces, jade bracelets, bangles and rings. We sell only the highest quality jade products, and our range includes many different colours of jade including green, yellow, red, and pink.

The Chinese were the first to categorise jade as a semi-precious gemstone, and it is believed that the wearer will have good fortune and prosperity bestowed upon them.

Chinese jade bracelets on an elasticated wrist cord,

Chinese green jade bracelet with large beads £3.95

Green jade Guan Yin Buddha pendants,

Green jade Guan Yin Buddha pendants £4.95

Yellow jade Guan Yin Buddha pendant with jade beads,

Yellow jade Guan Yin Buddha pendants £7.95

Jade bi-disc pendant with decorative green jade beads,

Green jade Bi-Disc pendants with jade beads £7.95

Jade happy Buddha pendant on a slipknot neck cord,

Yellow jade happy Buddha pendant with jade beads £7.95

Jade Pixiu pendants on a Chinese slipknot cord,

Jade Pixiu pendants with decorative beads £7.95