Chinese hair and make-up accessories

Chinese style hair and make-up accessories beautifully decorated with colourful oriental patterns.

Our range of attractive, and high quality Chinese hair and make-up accessories includes silk brocade cosmetic cases, make-up purses, embroidered oriental style compact mirrors, vintage style compact mirrors, Chinese hair sticks, hair pins, hand mirrors, oriental hair brushes and much more.

Chinese style lipstick holder with an internal mirror,

Chinese style lipstick cases with oriental patterns £1.25

Heart shape embroidered compact mirrors,

Heart shaped embroidered compact mirrors £2.50

Compact mirrors with embroidered Chinese floral patterns,

Embroidered Chinese style compact mirrors £2.50

Chinese style compact mirrors embroidered with oriental flowers,

Rectangular embroidered compact mirrors £2.50

Vintage Chinese style compact mirrors with floral patterns,

Vintage style compact mirror with Chinese floral patterns £2.95

Vintage Chinese hair brush and hand mirror sets,

Vintage style Chinese hand mirror and comb sets £3.95

Green and gold silk brocade Chinese style toiletry bags,

Chinese style silk brocade toiletry bags £4.95

Chinese silk make-up cases and toiletry bags,

Chinese style make-up cases and toiletry bags £4.95

Red Chinese cosmetic bags with turquoise floral patterns,

Red and turquoise Chinese style cosmetic cases £4.95

Chinese style cosmetic cases with silk brocade floral patterns,

Chinese style cosmetic bags with oriental floral patterns £4.95

Red Chinese toiletry bags with black silk brocade floral patterns,

Red and black Chinese style toiletry bags £4.95