Chinese dragon statues

Chinese dragon statues and figurines to decorate the home and workplace. The dragons are sold in a selection of different sizes, colours, and materials, and are highly decorative ornamental pieces.

Dragons are revered in China, and are believed to be a powerful protection symbol. It is said that a Chinese dragon can enhance a persons personal wealth, and attract good fortune and prosperity.

Chinese Dragon keyrings made from natural fruit wood,

Wooden Chinese Dragon key rings £1.45

Chinese snake dragon keyrings with fruit wood beads,

Wooden Chinese snake dragon key rings £1.45

Small gold Chinese snake dragon figurines,

Small gold Chinese snake dragon statues £4.25

Gold Chinese dragon holding a prosperity pearl,

Chinese dragon holding a pearl of prosperity £4.95

Chinese snake dragon made from attractive gold resin,

Gold Chinese snake dragon with large horns £8.50

Feng shui Chinese dragon in a glossy red resin finish,

Feng shui Chinese snake dragon statue £12.95

Assorted collectible red Chinese dragon figurines,

Set of eight collectible Chinese dragons £17.95