Buddhas and Chinese gods

Buddha statues, Chinese god figurines, and sets of six lucky Buddha's. A selection of high quality Buddha statues and Chinese god's made from a range of materials including coloured resin, ceramic, and natural peach wood.

These attractive and decorative ornamental pieces will bring good fortune, happiness, wealth, and prosperity to any home or office feng shui sector.

Wooden Happy Buddha key rings made from natural peach fruitwood,

Wooden happy buddha key rings £2.20

Guan Yin Buddha key ring made from Peach fruitwood,

Wooden serenity Buddha key ring £2.20

Wooden Buddha key ring with the four faces of Buddha,

Wooden four faced Buddha key rings £2.20

Lucky Buddha keyrings made from natural peach fruit wood,

Wooden lucky Buddha key rings £2.20

Set of six buddha's made from gold colour resin,

Set of six gold resin lucky buddha figures £3.95

Set of six lucky Buddha's in red and gold resin,

Set of six red and gold lucky buddha figures £4.25

Happy Buddha statue carrying an ingot and wealth sack,

Buddha statue with an ingot and wealth sack £4.75

Buddha statue holding a large gold ingot,

Buddha statue holding a large gold ingot £4.75

Reclining happy buddha figurine in ivory and gold colours,

Reclining buddha wearing his mala beads £4.75

Set of three Chinese God's, Fu, Lu and Shou,

Set of three Chinese star god's (80mm high) £5.25

Set of six gold lucky buddha's in a presentation box,

Set of six gold feng shui buddha figures £5.95

Set of 6 lucky Buddha's in a feng shui presentation box,

Set of six red feng shui buddha figures £5.95