Buddha and fashion key rings

Buddha and Chinese dragon key rings made from natural peach fruit wood. Full of feng shui symbolism our range includes lucky Buddha, Guan Yin, and Chinese dragon key rings.

Our product range also includes key rings with colourful silk brocade pouches decorated with traditional oriental patterns.

Chinese Dragon keyrings made from natural fruit wood,

Wooden Chinese Dragon key rings £1.45

Chinese snake dragon keyrings with fruit wood beads,

Wooden Chinese snake dragon key rings £1.45

Wooden Happy Buddha key rings made from natural peach fruitwood,

Wooden happy buddha key rings £1.45

Chinese Pixiu keyrings  for protection and wealth creation,

Wooden Chinese Pixiu key rings £1.45

Guan Yin Buddha key ring made from Peach fruitwood,

Wooden serenity Buddha key ring £1.45

Lucky Buddha keyrings made from natural peach fruit wood,

Wooden lucky Buddha key rings £1.45

Wooden Buddha key ring with the four faces of Buddha,

Wooden four faced Buddha key rings £1.45

Chinese keyrings with a zipped silk brocade pouch,

Chinese style key rings with a silk brocade pouch £3.95