Bamboo calligraphy scrolls

Bamboo and folded paper calligraphy scrolls adorned with floral patterns and oriental landscapes. The range of available subject matter includes love scrolls, good fortune, success, prosperity, longevity, and many more traditional Chinese symbols.

Each scroll is made by printing the colourful pictures onto folded paper, which is then fixed between two natural bamboo rollers. The calligraphy scrolls are supplied in an attractive picture box.

Approximate scroll size: 82cm x 32cm

Chinese wall scrolls symbolising good fortune, wealth and abundance,

Zhao Cai Jin Bao wall scroll £2.50

Chinese calligraphy scroll with symbols for honesty,

Chinese calligraphy scrolls with "honesty" symbols £2.50

Chinese calligraphy scroll with "accepting challenges" symbols,

"Embrace challenges" calligraphy wall scrolls £2.50

Chinese hanging wall scrolls with printed "love" calligraphy symbols,

Chinese wall scrolls with "love" characters £2.50

Zen buddhism wall scrolls with Zen calligraphy symbols,

Zen Buddhism Chinese hanging wall scrolls £2.50

Chinese calligraphy scroll with patience characters,

Chinese calligraphy scroll with "Patience" symbols £2.50